Grey Space

Product Design Services


Design Overview

From product remastering in I-DEAS to complete design packaging work for Ford tier 1 suppliers, you can rely on Grey Space to deliver your product as promised.


We use SDRC I-DEAS Master Series for concept and detail design work, together with the SDRC Simulation and ESC CFD (fluid flow simulation) packages to conduct linear and nonlinear finite element analysis. We aim to provide a complete solution to our customers to design and verify using virtual prototyping techniques. Once the virtual prototype is complete we then use SDRC Generative machining to CNC prototypes for further evaluation.

Custom scientific engineering software development using Salford FORTRAN 95 is also conducted to develop systems e.g. fatigue analysis and optimization for clients. Additionally we use Mathcad and Excel for engineering calculations and to verify our designs, prior to product manufacture.

To assist your transition from the virtual world of computer aided design and analysis, we can quickly construct tooling to enable manufacture of your product.

Our ideal product development brief is when our client desires to make a step change in the technology or product that they are currently using or developing, to position themselves significantly ahead of their competitors. We know how to balance the risks of using new or different technologies and maximize the potential return on your investment. Being appreciative of the benefits of reducing time to market we can satisfy the most demanding resource requirements, which enables us to develop the correct product in record times.